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Confatech IT Knowledgebase was launched with one simple objective - A place where I plan to share my knowledge with IT people from around the world.

The website will contain quality articles that will help Network Admin and Sys Admin accomplish complex tasks as well as day to day administration.
As this website was launched fairly recently, I am still trying my best to update it each day.

Click on the ARTICLES DATABASE link on the left to get started.

You may contact me by clicking on the CONTACT US link on the top to leave your comments or send in special requests.

Thanks for supporting me in this project and I look forward to a health knowledge-sharing relationship.


Recently Published Articles

Forgot Domain Admin Password PDF Print E-mail
Articles Database - Windows Server 2008
Written by Manav   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 19:51

I think it is a fairly common occurrence these days that IT Administrators forget the password of a Domain Controller after they have got back from a vacation OR there has just been a situation where the previous system admin has left without leaving the Server Password.

Yes, I know that setting up a Directory Services Restore Mode password and documentation is important, but the scenario being discussed here is when none of this has been done.

There are lot of different utilities that are available on the web; some open source and some paid ones and it can get a bit confusing when deciding which one to go with.

There is one utility that you can rely on and believe me it works on all Windows OS from Windows NT to Windows 7 and with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. This is called "Offline NT Password and Registry Editor" and can be FOUND HERE. Once you have downloaded the ISO image, burn it on a CDROM and then boot the Server of it.

Recovering of Password for a DC is a 2-step procedure -


Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 21:51
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Tape Drive backup fails due to Negative Compression PDF Print E-mail
Articles Database - Windows Server 2003
Written by Manav   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 00:00

I ran into this problem not so long ago that one of my servers had the same amount of data on it but the tapes started to run out of space and hence the backups started to fail. I tried to reduce the size of the backups but they still won’t fit on that TAPE.

Tried various backup strategies, tried backing to a NAS drive and then doing a copy to the TAPE Drive, ran various test backups but nothing would work. As is the case with backups, you cannot test them during business hours because it slows down the processing power of your server and when you do them at night, unless you are a night owl you do not know the result until when you get to work in the morning. The backups continued to fail for another 3-4 days when I ran out of ideas and carefully studied my old backup logs and tried to build information based on patterns.

Guess What!! I found the answer - NEGATIVE COMPRESSION.

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